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Bullseye Dentist 220 45-120g

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The Dentist Spin 220 45-120g

The Dentist S 220 45-120g is specially designed as an all-round rod for medium-heavy pike fishing, whether from the bank, belly or boat.
Of course, the Dentist 220 can also handle other predators. During the development phase, we were able to successfully land gigantic pike and big pikeperch as well as big bonito, and it's incredible how much power this extremely light and perfectly balanced rod has.

But now let's take it one step at a time:

The blank:

The heart of any fishing rod is the blank, in this case we have built an equal spin version after the sensational success of the Dentist Cast 220.

The blank measures 220cm in length and has a casting weight of 45-120g and is two-piece. The length of the rod is a clear advantage when fishing from a boat, belly and kayak, especially for landing fish this short rod is perfect. The relatively short handle allows you to guide all types of lures perfectly, even in confined spaces.

With a slow action, the rod has a very harmonious and consistent action and an unimaginably fast reset!
Hardly any other rod has such dynamics and it seems almost impossible to lose a fish in the fight after a successful hookset with the Dentist 220. The full-length blank retains its dynamics even under full load and buffers every head strike and every escape silkily to keep the upper hand even in the hot phase of the drill of a capital fish and to land the fish safely.

The bite detection is phenomenal with this rod and the strike is more of an automatic reflex after the crystal clear transmission of the bite.

The Handle

The high quality EVA handle offers a secure grip for casting, baiting, striking and drilling. The handle fits perfectly to the ergonomics of the forearm.
The high quality EVA handle looks very elegant and is at the same time incredibly handy and functional. Due to the perfect balance and the spring weight, no counterweights are necessary with this model.

The reel seat

The Fuji VSS 16 reel seat is very ergonomic in the hand and allows a perfect grip and fatigue-free fishing.

The rings

In this model we also use Fuji components exclusively, in this case the rod is equipped with 7+1 Fuji K SS Alconite guides. In this model, we have designed the guides according to the KR concept in order to achieve maximum casting distances, accuracy of aim and a perfect distribution of power on the blank. The result is a coherent ringing concept that can be used with any reel and any line.

Data sheet:

-2.20 metres
-45-120g gram casting weight
-FUJI K SS AL rings 7+1
-FUJI VSS 16 reel seat
-Slim Lotus-Woven Composite -40 Ton Blank
-ONLY 152 grams light
-Hook eye
-elegant design
-Full length handle with high quality EVA