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Neu im Shop: Dropshot, Freerig und Jika-Gewichte! Spart jetzt 10% auf alles mit dem Code "Stripes10".

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Tungsten Round Jig 4/0

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A must have in every bait box!

Fishing with jigs is currently one of the most popular methods of fishing for our local predatory fish. Therefore, it was quickly clear that one of the first products from Stripes had to be jigs. More precisely, "Tungsten Jigs".

What is tungsten? What advantages does it give us anglers?

Tungsten is a metal as heavy as gold, as hard as diamond and so heat-resistant that iron boils long before tungsten melts. Compared to lead, tungsten is environmentally friendly and does not release toxic substances into the water. Because Tungsten has such a high density, it is also much smaller than comparable lead heads. So you can feel the bottom of the water more clearly and you need less weight. Especially when fishing at a distance, in crosswinds, currents or greater depths. You keep the contact! Try it out.

The hooks of the jigs are imported from Japan. This means we can offer an ultra-sharp hook with a clear conscience, which makes it penetrate the hard mouths of predatory fish better and faster. The hook is completely wobble-free and has a small baitholder that holds any rubber bait securely without breaking it. The head is painted in an inconspicuous matt black. The perfect jig for every predator angler looking for the best quality at a more than fair price!

The Tungsten Round Jig at a glance

-Environmentally friendly
-High Japan Quality (Sasame)
-More compact than lead
-More sensitive = more bites
-Unobtrusive = matt black
-Available in sizes: 3/0, 4/0, 5/0
-Available weights: 7g, 10g, 14g, 18g, 21g, 28g